Hire me for all literary projects ranging from screenplays, stage plays to novels, short stories, abstracts and scientific writing. I will provide translations from and to English, German and French.


A visual touch to go with your literary project. As an addition to your literary project or as an artwork all by itself, I will visualize the written word through paintings and digital art.

POETRY And song

Assisting you in working with words and music alike.


Nadja Tisserand offers project management for literary and artistic projects in three languages.

Nadja Tisserand, a Swiss and German national born in 1994 in Germany, is a freelance author, playwright composer, and translator.

Literature, languages, and art have been a part of Nadja’s life ever since she can remember, having been introduced to foreign languages and translation by her trilingual grandparents from a very young age. 

“The first story I’ve ever written: A man who swallowed a grain that then grew out of his mouth. I sold it to my parents for 50ct.”

By the age of 23… read more